Career Transition Services

Partnering quality-minded professionals with exceptional career opportunities.

New graduates, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between can benefit from our specialized Career Transition Services. End Quote

Wilt Professional Solutions was created in response to the overwhelming demand for a personal, yet professionally orchestrated, approach to partnering highly qualified dental and medical professionals with exceptional career opportunities.

Wilt Professional Solutions has over 25 years of experience in human resources, marketing, employee and business management, recruitment, candidate evaluation and selection, career planning and career transitioning. They are ready to assist with your corporate search or individual career transition.

Recently, Wilt Professional Solutions expanded their services to now include all facets of:

- Employer-specific, recruitment and transition services.

- Individual-specific, career transition services.

- US Military members and spouse, career transition services.

Navigating the candidate recruitment and selection process, changing careers, or re-entering the job market can be difficult and time consuming. Wilt Professional Solutions has been traveling this course for years, so let us help with the details and lend our specialized skill-set to your current endeavors.

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