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Wilt Professional Solutions is well equipped to assist with your full-cycle career transition.

We know the industry and have developed strong business relationships with professionals at all levels. End Quote

Kim Wilt, our group’s Founder and CEO, grew up working in her family’s dental office; working everywhere from the front office, back to chair-side assisting. Upon earning her college degree, she chose to focus on the business and marketing side of healthcare. Kim worked for 5 years as the Director of Human Resources and Marketing and then for 10+ years as the V.P. of Human Resources in 3 large healthcare systems. She assisted the hospitals, clinics, and practices within the systems with their overall business operations, marketing efforts, and development of strong full-cycle recruiting, retention, and career transition plans.

In 2003, with members of her family and colleagues successfully progressing and expanding their dental, medical, and professional careers, she saw the need for a specialized recruitment and career transition service company. This new venture would focus on the business and personnel needs of doctors, healthcare workers and other professionals as they looked for additional staff, or sought a change in their own career.

To date, Wilt Professional Solutions has assisted employers, practice owners, and a wide variety of professionals throughout the United States with their search endeavors. And, most recently, they’re now offering Career Transition Services to US military members and their spouses, as they make the transition from military to civilian work-life.

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